Get started easily with IoT

To get started with IoT, you need three building blocks in addition to your brilliant application. A connection to our IoT network, the necessary hardware and an environment to store and process your data.

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With our Starter-SIM we offer you the opportunity to explore the possibilities of Internet of Things on our IoT networks.

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Most IoT applications consist of a sensor, a microcomputer and a radio module. If you already have it, you can get started right away. Otherwise we have a handy list of all the possibilities here. More information

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Cloud environment

The data from your application can be stored, analyzed and processed with one of the many IoT platforms. Our IoT network can be linked to a cloud environment of your choice or to your own platform. More information

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Starter SIMs

Connectivity only

If you already have suitable hardware and cloud environment

One year free trial of our IoT network

Quick support via our Forum and InstallFest

Shipped within 2 office days


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can move your business forward?

Then our Business Accelerator program is right for you.

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