Sim encryption

Safety is increasingly important in a digitizing world. That is why the choice was made to use NB-IoT in combination with a SIM card. This SIM card ensures a very secure authentication by using very long and therefore difficult to crack encryption keys (128 - 256 bits).

Data security

The data is encrypted between the NB-IoT device and our network using the standard LTE encryption. Between the network and the application environment, the data is protected using standard TLS encryption. This means that the data cannot be viewed by unauthorized users.

Sheltered from the open internet

The devices are not directly connected to the open internet. Our service capability server ensures secure data transporting between yoour device and your IoT platform.

Message overload (flood) protectection

Our IoT network detects when a device sends too many messages in a short period of time. This can be caused by the device being broken or not functioning properly (anymore) or by someone deliberately wanting to overload the network. By detecting this, the network can be protected against overloading, so that the other devices that do function properly do not suffer from this.