Plug and play

Managed service network

We offer our LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) IoT network as a fully managed service. In this way, you can make optimal use of all possibilities in terms of the lowest possible energy consumption. Our IoT network ensures efficient and energy efficient data communication between your devices (very low data traffic and where the communication is optimised for low energy consumption) and your environment on the internet (where the amount of data traffic is virtually no problem, as well as the energy consumption).

For example, our network knows exactly whether your device is in deep sleep and the time at which your device is listening to the network again. In that case, you can simply send a message to your device and our IoT network will make sure your device receives the message when it is able to receive it. This way, energy consumption can be optimized and you don't have to develop anything yourself to keep track of when your devices are in deep sleep, for example. This is all already part of our IoT network. Also, our IoT network already supports various communication protocols so that you can send messages over our network very quickly without a lot of extra development work. Many other features, such as security, connection and device management and later firmware over-the-air, localisation features and cloud platform links are already part of our IoT network. This will save you a lot of development time and maintenance, allowing you to reduce your costs and time to market.

Device management

With our IoT network we help you to easily set up and manage a connection on our network. This way you can send your sensor data securely from your device to your own cloud environment and vice versa. This makes setting up a connection almost as easy as setting up a wifi connection and also gives you the benefits of our very energy efficient and secure network.

You can easily manage your connectivity for your devices by registering or removing devices on our network. For these devices you can also directly verify the status of the device and the last message.

From sensor data to actions

Our IoT network allows you to easily register and activate your devices and connections, verify the communication over the network (2-way communication) and provide endpoint URL to your own application environment where you can process the data into actions. Via an HTTP post you send your sensor data to your own application environment. In the future we will even support pre-integrations with existing cloud platforms. This way it will take you almost no development time to connect your devices to your application environment.