It doesn't matter if you want to connect to a few devices or thousands. Our IoT network is very scalable and grows easily with your needs. You easily manage your devices and you can easily add or remove devices on our network.

Protocol support

In order to be as flexible as possible, our IoT network supports multiple communication protocols such as CoAP and UDP, which are used by many NB-IoT modules. Eventually we will also support LWM2M and NON-IP.

For sending your sensor data to your own application environment we currently support HTTP(S) posts, but will also support MQTT. MQTT and HTTP(S) are used by almost all known cloud platforms. So you are very flexible in setting up your own application environment.

Multiple endpoints

The sensor data from your devices can be sent to multiple endpoints. This way you can send your data to your own environment, but also directly to the environment of a customer. This way you can easily use and share your data in parallel and in multiple ways. This can be useful, for example, for setting up a test environment next to a production environment, for creating a backup database or for multiple applications in the value chain.


If you want to set up and manage a connection and device management in your own environment instead of in our portal this is also possible with our API.