The most important features

Use our IoT network to easily and quickly connect your IoT devices to your IoT cloud platform. We have listed the most important advantages for you here.

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Plug and Play

Deutsche Telekom makes it easy to get started with IoT. Our IoT network has been built to ensure that your sensor data arrives quickly, reliably and secure.

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Step 1


Configure your hardware to connect to our network and inset the SIMcard.

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Step 2


Register your device through the portal or our API yon our network for authentication.

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Step 3


Set your own (cloud) server as a destination so our network knows where you want to receive your data.

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Congratulations! Your IoT connection is ready to use!

Extremely flexible

Our IoT network is very scalable and grows easily with your needs. So you can start small with a few devices and easily scale up to thousands of devices as the need grows.

You can also easily scale back as needed. You have complete control.

Our network supports multiple communication protocols. This makes you very flexible in choosing your hardware, your own environment and the related communication protocols. Later on, you can also easily change this if, for example, you would like to switch to other hardware and the corresponding communication protocol.

The sensor data from your devices can be sent to multiple endpoints. So for example, multiple different applications can easily use the same sensor data.

Our IoT network service can also be accessed via a REST API for easy integration into your own environment. For example, you can register and delete your devices on our IoT network, you can specify the destination to which the sensor data should be sent, you can request a list of your registered devices and much more, all via API calls.

Excellent coverage

With over 13,000 antennas, T-Mobile has the best coverage in the Netherlands. And because of the 20dB higher gain for NB-IoT compared to GSM, you have a very strong reach, even in basements and underground.

Would you like to know exactly what our NB-IoT coverage is like at your location? Our coverage map tells you everything, including what the strength of the signal means for indoor and outdoor coverage.

Extremely energy efficient

Your IoT device can send a message with very little power. In addition, our IoT network has several features that allow an extra low power consumption:

• PSM: to set your radio module in sleep mode.
• eDRX: extend the listening intervals of your radio module
• Long Periodic TAU: reduce the amounth of Tracking Area Updates

These features make it possible to send data with two AA batteries for 10 years

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Roadmap and many more


Easily update the firmware of your devices over-the-air.


Due to roaming your device also works on other IoT networks in the world.


No need for a physical simcard with an eSIM


Precise location without using GPS. No additional hardware needed and it also works indoor.

Extra secure

  1. Our radio network uses SIM encryption to send your data encrypted by default.
  1. Jouw device kan gebruik maken van DTLS waardoor sterke end-to-end encryptie mogelijk is
  1. Your device is it is less vulnerable to hackers, because it is not directly connected to the internet.

Always reliable

Scalable to millions of devices and messages High uptime
Low packet loss 24×7 monitoring
Low latency Use of licensed spectrum