Frequently Asked Questions


What is NB IoT exactly?
NB-IoT is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology that connects devices to the Internet for sending and receiving small data messages in a very energy-efficient way. The power of the signal is up to ten times stronger than, for example, 3G or 4G.
What NB-IoT offer compared to other LPWA technologies?
NB-IoT uses the licensed frequency spectrum. Unlike other technologies, there is no interference with other signals. This ensures a high availability of our IoT network. It is also the best technology when it comes to coverage in remote or difficult to reach areas, in some cases even underground. And the third important promise is that your device will soon be able to work anywhere in the world due to the 3GPP standardization and worldwide rollout of NB-IoT.
When will you support roaming?
NB-IoT is being rolled out worldwide, but many countries are not that far yet. The question is indeed not 'if' but 'when'. At the moment there are pilots running and there are conversations with the GSMA to make roaming arrangements.
When will NB-IoT support localisation?
According to the specifications, three-point location determination is also part of NB-IoT. The accuracy is comparable to GPS. We expect to be able to offer this in 2021..
How energy efficient is NB-IoT in reality?
NB-IoT has been specially created for energy-efficient IoT applications. The exact consumption of energy is determined by the way an application is used. For example, when sending one message per hour, a device can run on 2 AA batteries for 5 years. In some cases it is even possible to achieve a battery life of 10 years.
What about the coverage of NB-IoT?
All our 4G antennas (mote than 13000) can transmit NB-IoT. We have now nationwide coverage and we can even speak about a unique network density.
When will you offer LTE-M?
We are already testing with LTE-M and it will be available in the second half of 2020

Packages & Rates

Are SIM cards included in the packages?
SIM cards are not included in our packages. With a package you only order an environment in our IoT network in which you can configure your project. Sim cards can be ordered separately.
I pay per active device. When do you consider a device to be active?
We consider a device to be active when you have registered it on our network by adding the IMEI number in your package.
Can I terminate my package at any time?
You can terminate your package at any time with one month's notice.
How many MB's does a NB-IoT package have?
NB-IoT is not designed as a bandwidth service or bit pipe. Therefore, we do not offer any data bundles. NB-IoT is intended for small data messages that are sent back and forth from time to time. Based on network capacity and average NB-IoT applications, we assume an average of 120 messages per day (or 5 messages per hour).
What if my device sends more than 120 messages a day?
Our IoT network is ready to use. Nevertheless, NB-IoT is a new technology that will continue to develop in the coming years. We therefore still see this as a learning phase. For our first generation customers we do not charge any costs for excessive use. However, we don't want to rule out the possibility of contacting you if one of your devices is getting (too) excited. 😉
Are downlink messages included in the 120 messages as well?
Yes, a downlink message also counts as one of these 120 posts.

Get started

Is there hardware available for NB-IoT?
Yes, these modules are certified for use on our IoT network: Quectel BC95-B8, U-Blox SARA N200, N210 and SARA SARA N211 and Simcom SIM7000E.
On which band is your NB-IoT network?
Our NB-IoT network is on band 8 (900Mhz).
Which communication protocols can I use?
We currently support UDP and Neul Messaging (COAP) as communication between modules and our network.
How do I get my IoT devices the data in my own back-end or cloud environment?
Our IoT network supports binding application which allows you to specify an http(s), address and callback URL.
How can I contact you for help and support?
You can find many experts on our forum and you can also reach us via or call +31 85 0022070 during office hours.
What payment options do you offer?
Currently we support bank transfers and iDEAL as payment methods.