Anyone can build an IoT solution

Start building your IoT solution today on our battery-efficient and widely available IoT network. Easily connect your devices to your own cloud environment.

Building with IoT

Deutsche Telekom IoT's network

Deutsche Telekom IoT makes it easy to get started with IoT. Our IoT network is specially built to ensure that your sensor data arrives quickly, reliably and securely.

Excellent coverage

Our IoT network provides superior coverage. You can connect your device even in the basement, the top of a skyscraper or underground.

Extremely energy efficient

Your application can run on a battery for more then a decade, due to its very low power consumption and deep-sleep capability.

Easy installation

No gateway, access points or IoT department required. Connect your application right away and receive your data wherever you want.

The easiest network to start with the Internet of Things.

Ordered today, online tomorrow

Simply order a starter-sim or choose one of the monthly subscriptions.

Use your own platform

Are you using Amazon, Google, Azure or do you have your own platform? You can send your data anywhere.

Extensive protocol support

Are you handy with COAP or would you rather use UDP. Our network is flexible. And if you do not know what to do yet, our community can certainly help.

User-friendly portal and API

You can easily manage your data and use cases in our portal or through our extensive API.

Want to try out our IoT network right away?

Sign up for a free starter-sim

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With our network you are ready for the future

24x7 Monitoring

The network where you connect your IoT applications is being monitored and controlled during day and night. Any problems are quickly detected and solved. We understand how annoying downtime is.


Make use of a licensed spectrum, cell towers with battery backups, redundant infrastructure and carrier-grade technolog to ensure high availability and the certainty that your data arrives.


Our IoT network uses the latest LTE technology used by mobile operators worldwide and is also ready for the 5G evolution, making your investment future-proof.

Excellent network

We provide outstanding quality when it comes to our network.We have the best specialists in the field of mobile communication. And our network is one of the most modern networks in the world.

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